Mid Ohio Breakfast Club Welcomes Bob & Tom to WQTT

As you may have heard, as of January 7, 2019, the Bob & Tom Show has replaced the Mid Ohio Breakfast in morning drive on Union County's 96.7 and 1270 WQTT.

This is in conjunction with the musical format change of the entire station from "True Oldies" to Classic Rock.

Happily 🙂 the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club remains in place on Delaware County's 92.9 and 1550 WDLR.

All three of us on the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club - Mark, Cathi, and Pam - would like to thank all of our Union County listeners and the many Marysville guests who have joined us in-studio over the past several years.


While we will miss being on-air in Marysville and across Union County, we are pleased to have Bob & Tom as a part of our stations and know that they will be a fantastic addition to the air sound of Rock 96.7 and 1270 WQTT.

We certainly hope you'll spend time with them every weekday morning, but if you'd like to check in with the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club on occasion, we'll be here every morning on 92.9 or 1550 WDLR.

For those of you outside of the listening area of those frequencies, you can catch the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club with Mark, Cathi, and Pam anytime on the free Tune-In app here.


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